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My Heart Is Free…

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My Heart Is Free

Photo/edit: me

Sadly I get my inspiration at night so my table lamp is my light source. I used a Nikon D7000 which I had to return. I was beginning to like it, but I guess my Canon will do 😛 I have been using Tumblr so I forgot about this blog. I did make another one on Blogger so feel free to follow me there too.


Holding Onto Miss Sanity

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I wonder when I will actually break?

You avoid me and I want to listen…

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I’ve had a tough couple weeks and I’m not sure if it will be better. I had a job, but had to lose it. My patience is wearing thin. I try so hard and it seems to never be enough. I’m exhausted! I tried not to care anymore and it somewhat helps. Then sometimes it just comes flooding back…

I feel angry, hurt, insane, and emotions that I cannot describe. When can I have a vacation?

I need a shoulder to cry on and I don’t trust anyone to do that with. The one person I do trust avoids me…

My love,

I am confused and all I ask is for you to tell me what’s wrong. I will feel better knowing I was there. You say I never listen when I do. You just don’t understand me like I don’t understand you. I am still learning who I really am. I found fears I never knew I had. I remember things I thought was forgotten. Did we lose each other for good? You say it’s not me it’s you. I don’t believe you.  We both changed and I want you back. You blame things that is not meant to be blamed. You take your anger out on those you love.

I’m a fighter and I will stay strong. No matter how far I keep falling I still get back up. I won’t let stupid shit stop what we had. I know you are not weak. You can stay strong too. I am here to help you through the tough times. Let me listen to you…

Cirque De Soleil Makeup Challenge…

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Here is my Cirque De Soleil theme suggested by my friend Heather.

Cirque De Soleil


Poisoned Kisses

These are inspired by the Dralion Océane which is the sensual goddess of water: Dralion

Dralion is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western acrobatic prowess.

They came to St. Louis back in January and I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing it. I hope to see them next time though 🙂

I have more images dedicated to this theme on my DeviantART if you would like to check them out:

Makeup Challenge

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I’ve asked all of you to give me a theme to work on for my makeup portraits.

Here is Erek Vaehne suggestion as me being the Evil Queen.

Queen Evil

Hail Before Me

You Evil Queen

Hair/Makeup/Photo/Edit: all done by me 🙂

Took about 2 hours to get hair and makeup done. It was my first real attempt to do my hair. It took alot of hairspray 😉 And my hair is with red roots and the rest black. I had my sister dye my hair and she thought this hairdye for dark hair would turn my black red, but instead gave me red roots and a red tint to my black. I started liking it 🙂

Christmas 2010

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Winter…my favorite time of year.

I never really had a chance to take winter photos. This winter I hope to change that.

I put the tree up and here is what it looks like. I love white trees.

My Backyard

Here’s my backyard. You can see that some leaves weren’t prepared for winter. For a larger version check out my Deviantart here:

Here’s my favorite of them all. The ice on the kitchen window…

Winter Crystals

Ever since I’ve seen how ice forms on the Discovery Channel as a kid I just couldn’t help, but love the beautiful patterns it creates. One day I will have a real good macro lens so I can take better pics up close of ice and snow. I may be at it for hours 😛


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“All that we are, all that we live, we are one and all…”


May I Be Deadly



Come Away With Me