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No Emotions…

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I thought I might as well start featuring great artists I admire. I have always gain inspiration watching these great artists on DeviantART. Why not share with everyone ūüôā

So my last blog was of Alex London Designs who I just recently discovered. I suggest you check my last blog to see their beautiful photos.

Now I would like to introduce¬†Rebeca Saray. She resides in Madrid. I have been watching her since I started¬†DeviantART¬†back in 2006 and fell in love with her makeup portraits. Through the years of watching she’s went through many stages: ¬†from makeup to retouching to digital art to cinema etc…

She also has a website so check it out too.

Here are her latest uploads on DA that I loved:

no emotions
no emotions I
no emotions II
Other sites you can watch Rebeca Saray at:
Rebeca Saray

You avoid me and I want to listen…

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I’ve had a tough couple weeks and I’m not sure if it will be better. I had a job, but had to lose it. My patience is wearing thin. I try so hard and it seems to never be enough. I’m exhausted! I tried not to care anymore and it somewhat helps. Then sometimes it just comes flooding back…

I feel angry, hurt, insane, and emotions that I cannot describe. When can I have a vacation?

I need a shoulder to cry on and I don’t trust anyone to do that with. The one person I do trust avoids me…

My love,

I am confused and all I ask is for you to tell me what’s wrong. I will feel better knowing I was there. You say I never listen when I do. You just don’t understand me like I don’t understand you. I am still learning who I really am. I found fears I never knew I had. I remember things I thought was forgotten. Did we lose each other for good? You say it’s not me it’s you. I don’t believe you. ¬†We both changed and I want you back. You blame things that is not meant to be blamed. You take your anger out on those you love.

I’m a fighter and I will stay strong. No matter how far I keep falling I still get back up. I won’t let stupid shit stop what we had. I know you are not weak. You can stay strong too. I am here to help you through the tough times. Let me listen to you…